Siege 2017

Early October we are hosting a Parallel booth provided by KSU. Indie and industry alike will be strutting their stuff, so why not us too?

momocon 2017

From May 25-29 Parallel will be featured at Momocon! Come play the game and meet the devs!

Alternate Dimensions

With each defeat of a boss, the world will change to a different Parallel of time, one where that individual never existed. The impact of one person’s life is rarely measured, but this will do the trick.

Traverse Time



Dev video

Feel free to wander the magical forests of Ethova or get stranded in the frozen technological tundra of the Aeternum. Parallel aims to deliver a robust mix of fictional elements both grounded in high fantasy and science fiction.

Parallel the game

 fantasy adventure indie game





fantasy meets sci-fi

And space! Lots of space too! Creatures, gods and even a steampunk gunship captain will be adversaries. Exhaust all options and escape the endless paradox you’re stuck inside of.

Download current alpha build here